Bombardment Game – Tip # 4

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There are many different ways you can build your Fort.

solid fort

bombardment fort

Stable Fort

Bird's Eye Fort







Classic Fort

This Fort can take a hit.

Pros: Heavy top provides a guarded flag, and greater stability against direct hits.

Cons: Opponent can zero in on a lower pillar and take out the entire Fort.

Guard your Flag by using four Pillars placed on their sides.

Protect the Flag against direct hits by placing both Buttresses behind two stacked Pillars.

Using only four support Pillars allows for a smaller target, protecting against most slide attacks.





Bottom Heavy FortSolid Fort solid fort

Pros: The Platform and support Pillars can withstand multiple direct hits without tumbling. Excellent at defending slide attacks.

Cons: Targeted arched shots are more likely to topple your less guarded Flag.

Place the six Support Pillars under the Platform as shown. Guard your flag with two remaining Pillars.
The two Buttresses are placed behind the Pillars to ensure your Platform’s maximum stability




dual defense fort
Dual Structure Defense Fort

Pros: Protects against slide attacks and some direct hits.

Cons: Structure is less likely to survive a direct hit to Flag or Support Pillars






duel defense fort


Add a second smaller structure in front of your Fort for added protection against slide attacks

Flag is still somewhat protected from direct hits by Pillars and Buttress.






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