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What is the recommended age for your games and toys?


Our games and toys are designed specifically for folks ages 14 and up.  Many of these games contain incredibly small parts and pieces.  We highly recommend that you keep them out of the reach of small children and enjoy them with adult-like peoples that know how to have a great time.


Catapult GameDid you make these?  

Yes.  Every item is made from locally purchased wood and other materials in our home workshop in Galena, IL. Designed, manufactured, sold, and shipped to you by our wife and husband team.  Nothing in our store is purchased and re-packaged for re-sale. Everything is entirely handmade.

Our entire family works together to make these entertaining games and toys. Our creative team members (the kids) enjoy building, testing, and tweaking all of Charlie’s newest game prototypes.

Explore our tabletop game section to find out more.




Can I customize my product with a logo or design? logo mini bag toss

Yes! Email us your logo or design and let’s get your order started.   For best results, background must be removed from the image.  Approved images include designs which you have confirmed you have the license or authorization to use.

By law, we cannot use trademark or copyrighted images that we do not have approval to use.

Getting licensed by a billion dollar organization such as the NFL is just about impossible for a small business such as ours.  We love our sports teams too, but we want to be in business for many years to come – so we keep it on the up and up.  However, you can customize your games with just about any available color minibags.  If we don’t have the colors you are hoping for, send us a message and we will see what we can do.


PayPal error message at checkout

Some customers have experienced issues with finalizing payment using PayPal Checkout. The quickest way to complete your order is to try using a different credit card.  PayPal kindly explains its vigorous credit card screening process here.  We chose PayPal to process our sales because it is trusted by most of us and secure.  If you despise PayPal and want to complete your order in a different way, please contact us.

My order arrived in a box that clearly has been reused.  Why didn’t it come in fancy packaging with your name on it and brand new bubble wrap inside?

Thank you for noticing our attention to detail.  We are a green conscious company. We spend the necessary extra time asking local businesses to set aside their air pouches and shipping boxes for us to pick up and reuse instead of depositing them into the trash.  When we don’t have a gently used box to upcycle and send your way, we use locally purchased 100% post consumer recycled content plain packaging.  You can easily reuse this box or recycle it with your paper recycling.


I want to buy multiple items, can I get a deal on shipping?
Yes!  Shipping is always free on all product purchases.  If you experience any issues, please contact our shop.



Photo Top Wooden Box

How long will it take for my order to be received?

Normally your order will ship within 1 to 3 business days from the time it’s received. Customization may add a couple of days. Please remember that quality takes time. If you have a specific deadline, please email us and we let you know what the shipping schedule looks like.





Customers outside of IL

For items shipped outside of Illinois – you, the customer, are responsible for reporting taxable online purchases to your state taxing authority.  Illinois customers are charged the appropriate IL sales tax rates at checkout.

mini zen garden


Who ever heard of Boards & Boxes?

We started this up in January of 2014.  To learn more about who we are and what we do, connect with us on social media or check in with our blog.  Thank you for your support!





About Us – Family BusinessBoards&Boxes Logo

We have a dream of running a successful home based business.

We are simple people with simple needs who are trying to sell our wares for the fairest price possible.  We factor in the cost of materials, taxes, random supplies, and Charlie’s time.  When we put all the variables together, we get our product price.

We hope that you find your purchase to be a rewarding experience knowing you are supporting our family accomplish our lofty dreams.


To learn more about who we are follow us











Wholesale / Bulk Order Discounts

Most of our products can be purchased in wholesale quantity. Please email us for more information.  1″ x 1″ Mini Bean Bags have special restrictions.  Contact us for more details.



No Warranty Statement

Everything we sell is guaranteed to meet high standards of quality. Please feel free to contact us, should you have any problems or concerns. Given the right circumstances, we will offer you a discount on a replacement item; or, in rare cases of manufacturer fault, we will replace toys to make your child (or husband) happy.

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