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Sometimes the hardest part of our jobs is tooting our own horns.  We tend to be modest people.  But, when you spend as much time agonizing over each and every detail of something, and the finished product looks like this…

…you get to brag a little.

Here are just a few things Charlie and I LOVE about our mini cornhole games:

We manufacture this game every step of the way.  Charlie purchases raw wood, hardware, and polycrylic.  He regards, chops, presses, glues, sands, routes, rubs, customizes, finishes, and assembles the cornhole boards. He places them together so that they connect with a weak magnet clasp.  He leaves just enough wiggle in the connection to allow for the inevitable swelling and shrinking the wood will experience over the changing seasons.  The result is a stunning two sided work of art which rests perfectly on your bookshelf or mantel.

Those amazingly tiny mini bean bags that complete the set are made by our hands too.  Charlie selects and purchases an array of special mini bag fabrics.  Via a secret process, we turn the special fabric into the tiniest, highest quality, most loved mini cornhole bags anywhere.   Look at that craftsmanship!

What’s more, all of our games and toys are made in Galena, Illinois.  

Boards & Boxes Corp. supports USA made suppliers.
When we have the USA made option for material and supply purchases, we choose it every time – regardless of price.  That’s nice!

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Game contains very small parts. Small children require constant supervision around all Boards & Boxes toys, games, and accessories.