Please Hold

 | Backstory

The rental part of Galena Party Rentals is shutting down and going into perpetual “hold mode”.

We put too many eggs into one basket.  We bit off more than we could chew.  We partied too hard.  Too many irons went into the fire and this one is going to snuff out for the foreseeable future. While, we do see it as taking a step back, it is welcome and we appreciate all that it entails.

As many of you know, in May 2017, Charlie reduced his work hours to 16 per week in attempts to focus more on becoming a full time toy and game maker.  He did an amazing job creating high quality, ridiculously fun games both tabletop and giant.  Unfortunately, after much effort we could not find a good way to balance money, time, and business acumen.  He recently returned to work four days per week.  With all that extra time away from the workshop, we decided something had to give.  After a lot of thinking, we decided that the “something” would be Galena Party Rentals, our least developed business idea.


Charlie and I are still working BoardsAndBoxes as a side hustle.  You will find his one of a kind giant sized party games available for purchase and local delivery at the website.  To clear out inventory, his used party games will be discounted by 40% and ready for immediate delivery (while supplies last).  New giant party games will be available for purchase with a three to five week processing time.  Our unique, easily shipped, items will continue to be readily available in the Boards & Boxes Etsy Shop. We are also scheduled to be vendors at the River Ridge Autumn Craft Show in early October.  Charlie will have Bombardment and Mini Cornhole, while I will have my upcycled pet beds and pillows for sale.

All of this, plus each of our part time jobs, homeschooled kids, spoiled pets, evolving homestead, and requisite vacation times, should keep us fairly busy for the long haul.  We want to thank all of you for kind and supportive encouragement of this rental business idea of ours.  In another time, under different circumstances, we might have been able to make a huge success out of the idea.  But alas, we are not the venture capitalist uber risk taking business managers we thought we were.  Surely, as life settles down, we will find ourselves putting more irons back into the fire.

We hope that you will follow us on our journey over at the Boards & Boxes website, Facebook page, or Instagram.  Your reviews, comments, and constructive criticisms are always appreciated.


Game On!