GIANT Stacking Game



This classic game has gone GIANT!

Purchase of this product includes:

  • 48 pine blocks 2″ x 3″ wooden blocks
  • 1 Stabilizer Plate
  • 3 Shims

(The soccer ball does not come with your purchase.  It is photographed for size purposes.)

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Using your fine motor skills, gently pull a block from anywhere on the tower, except the top two rows.  Add the pulled block to the top row of the tower.  As the tower grows taller, it becomes increasingly unstable.  If it topples on your turn, you lose!  Watch your toes!

Stack them back together and try again.

Just like all of our other awesome games, intended age is 14+.

WARNING: This game is made from 48 pieces of 2″ x 3″ precision cut smoothly sanded pine wood blocks.  When the tower inevitably falls any limbs, small animals or children (or nice flooring) underneath will likely sustain damage.  Use at your own risk.  We assume no liability.

A generally flat, non-sloped area is required for this game.  A platform and stabilizer shims are included with each game purchase.


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