Golfer Christmas Tree Ornament


Our hand crafted golf course scene ornament is the unique Christmas gift you have been looking for!

These artfully handcrafted ornaments are made from upcycled wood scraps and other added materials from around our workshop.
Eco Friendly packaging and shipping methods.

This golf course scene ornament is the perfect addition to any festive tree!
Tiny golf hole and ball make the ornament just perfect.
The flag authenticates the entire scene.
Every detail of this amazingly familiar scene is hand crafted by Charlie in his home workshop.
The ornament you receive may have a slightly different background. The hole and ball location will also vary slightly.












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Please note that the item you receive may vary slightly from the photos on this listing. Game On!

With Bob Ross inspired landscape backgrounds and familiar holiday scenes, these ornaments are a must have. Fine attention to every detail, reminds us of the important things:

Camping with Friends
Golfing with Grandpa
Building Snowmen with Family
Cornhole in the Summertime
Ice Fishing at the Lake
Holidays by the Fireplace


Excellent gift for Dad
Perfect gift for Aunt Nora
Wonderful gift for Young Golfer
Gift for Golf Lover

Buyer can request custom scenes. Let us know which scene means the most to you.

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