Meditation Garden for Coffee Table


Surprisingly relaxing.

Effectively Calming.

Unique conversation piece.

Excellent for the office reception area or on a classy coffee table.

Handmade in our little workshop.
Finished poplar.
Acrylic top prevents the mess.
Framed top makes a lovely presentation.

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Practice your daily meditation right there at your desktop, with Boards & Boxes’s very own hand made Zen Garden Kit.

Our natural finished poplar boxes really tie the room together.
Place one on the coffee table and be compelled to create a scene so amazing that it sends any observer into a state of deep contemplation. Serenity Now.

Place it in the office waiting area and watch as clients and customers quietly retreat into peaceful serenity; calmly rearranging the accessories and creating water flows with the tiny rake. Peace Now.

Contemplate your scene by placing it on your bookcase or mantle.

The Zen Garden box displays your elusive scenes through an acrylic top. Framed at the top with precision wood crafting, our Zen Garden box is like no other.

Even the mini rake, mini bench, and mini stepping stones are made in our shop.
Add your favorite rocks and make your zen garden scene special.

Introspective. Serenity Now!

Each Zen Garden comes in its own custom designed acrylic slide top box – hand made by Charlie.
Also included: Bag of Sand (1), Handmade Bench (1), Handmade Rake (1), Stepping Stones (3)
Items you receive may vary slightly from photos seen above.

Box Size Approx: 6″ X 8.5″
Minifigures not included – photographed for size purposes