Mini Cornhole Bags 8 1″ X 1″ Coin Hole Bags


We have been handcrafting these tiny bags for over five years now, and we can honestly say that we have yet to see any maker match our minibag quality, play-ability, and consistency. The price of these 1 x 1 mini cornhole bags reflects the amazing quality. There are less expensive 1 x 1 bags available online, but none will match our amazing bags.

Read the reviews to confirm for yourself how truly fantastic these bags are.

Zoom in on those listing photos and observe:

Fine Quality Fabric – we sew the bags here in our workshop
Seamless Closure – no stitch marks up one side
Weighted Filler – authentic – plays like the full size cornhole bags. They smack onto a wooden surface just like the full size bags do!
Consistent Weight and Sizing – Each and every one of our bags are 1″ x 1″ square with measured filler

When you hold them in your hands, you will quickly recognize our dedication to quality and detail.

Custom colors (incl two tone bags) available – please message the shop
(extra charges apply for special orders and colors).













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The competition has nothing on us when it comes to these amazing miniature bags. You will pay a little bit more for our products, because these unique mini bags are incredibly tedious to make. You will be 100% pleased with your order. Don’t risk wasting your money with our competitors. With our major attention to quality and detail, no one can make a better bag than Boards & Boxes.

We think about our customers every step of the way. Thank you for supporting our business! When you order with us, we ensure the highest quality product is delivered to you. We reduce / reuse / recycle / buy local and thoughtfully. We keep the shipping costs low. We respond to your inquiries quickly. We appreciate you helping us grow! Go to our Shop Homepage to connect with our shop via social media.

RETURNING CUSTOMERS, if you are purchasing these minibags to replace lost or damaged mini bags purchased with game sets sold by Boards & Boxes, Corp, please message the shop with your proof of prior purchase. After confirming your prior purchase, we can then offer you our secret, only for returning gameplay customers best price for Boards & Boxes replacement minibags.

POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS, read on to find out why these original 1 inch mini cornhole bags are the best quality, longest lasting miniature bean bags available.

We developed our process for creating these tiny bean bags over five years ago in our basement in Chicago. Charlie designed a very cool tabletop cornhole game and the miniature bags we ordered online ended up being a disaster. They bounced off of the playing surface, making the miniature game completely unrealistic and totes not fun.

After putting our heads together, Debbie decided to learn how to sew, and Charlie worked on the perfect filler to maximize playability on his super-cool tabletop cornhole sets. After a bit of trial and error, we developed our perfect little bean bags.

We wouldn’t be saying it if it weren’t true. If you are looking to enjoy a quality game of tabletop mini cornhole, you need these amazingly detailed, perfectly handcrafted bags! Hear the clank as you toss the minibag onto the playing board. Weighted and precise, they sound and land just like a full size corn-stuffed bag on a regulation cornhole board.

These minibags are so choice. If you have the means, we highly recommend picking them up.

100% positive feedback on this listing. Everyone loves this product!

Do you need this item in Bulk? We are happy to consider your request. Please contact us with the quantity you need, reason for requesting, and deadline for receiving. Thanks!

Unless we have a signed production agreement in writing, our mini bags are not meant to be repackaged and sold with your wood work. We reserve the right to void any order for any reason.
If you have questions, please message our shop.

Our games and toys are made in the USA – in Galena, IL.
We love products made in the USA! When we have the USA made option for material and supply purchases (like wood, hardware, and tools), our company chooses USA made every time – regardless of price. That’s nice!

We make the finest quality home and office games available anywhere. Browse our shop and imagine the knee-slapping possibilities! Check out our competition and realize that with this attention to quality and detail – we are practically giving our products away!

Mini Bags contain very small parts and are intended for adult use only. Small children require constant supervision around all Boards & Boxes toys, games, and accessories.

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Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Navy Blue, Black, White, Grey

Bag Color 2

Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Navy Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow