Money Ball



What a fun adult-sized twist on a classic favorite.

Purchase of this product includes:

  • 21 Golf Balls (20 plain white and 1 “Money Ball”
  • 1 Hand Crafted Uniquely Painted Game Board

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Twenty One golf balls rest in the center of the game.

Challenge one to three friends to join you.

Count 1 – 2 – 3 then GO!!!!  Scoop the most balls into your hole and you are the winner!  Capture the money ball for an added bonus.  YES!

Just like all of our other awesome games, intended age is 14+.

WARNING: This game includes actual golf balls.  When an errant ball inevitably flies out of the box any teeth, limbs, small animals or children (or nice flooring) underneath can likely sustain damage.  Use at your own risk.  We assume no liability.

A generally flat, non-sloped area is required for this game.  A square 2′ x 2′ table is recommended.


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